Sluggish performance, a smoky exhaust, high fuel consumption or rough idling, can all be signs that your car’s fuel/air intake system, need a good engine carbon clean.

Benefits of having a engine carbon clean

♽Cleaner fuel injectors, combustion chambers and throttle body systems.
♽Reduced exhaust emissions.
♽Restored performance.
♽Removal of gums, carbon & resin from the engine intake system.
♽Improved fuel economy. 
♽Smoother and more responsive acceleration.

*Works on both petrol,diesel and LPG engines*

 why replace the Dpf when the vehicle goes into limp home mode/Engine management light on or error message on the dash in respect of the Dpf, When we can clean at a fraction of the cost of a new one (prices starting at over £400 upwards of £2000 to replace.

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 The benefits speak for themselves 

  • Improved fuel economy
  • Improved starting
  • Improved turbo boost
  • cleaner emissions and less exhaust smoke 
  • smoother running 
  • Reduced carbon foot print 

 The dfs 910 flushing and decarbonizing machine

This machine is the very latest giving out standing results and customer satisfaction at a fraction of the cost of other services offered out there.No need to replace the DPF(Diesel particular filter) It also cleans the Egr valve.Are you concerned about your carbon foot print ? This machine will clean the injectors and decarbonize the inlet manifold and turbo`s Hence reducing your carbon foot print.

Pictures below of an Egr valve before and after cleaning with thee DFS910 machine.

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 Cleaning the Dpf on a ten plate ford s max . A diagnostic was done with are ford dealer vcm diagnostic tool which came back as a blocked DPF ,This been the reason it was in limp home mode .We cleaned the dpf with the DFS MACHINE and then reset the ECU and cleared the codes ,test drove all good now all the performance back and no warning lights on the dash.Advised the customer to have a oil and filter change just to finish the job off. Now one happy smiling customer. 

 Below cleaning the DPF on a 2012 ford transit customer was well pleased and saved them a small fortune on buying a new DPF. 


  A complete carbon flush was carried out with the DFS 910 Machine at our Crawley depot. After the service was carried out on this vehicle, a Euro 5 Mercedes Sprinter, we noticed smoother running, improvement in performance and reduced emissions under load. This has also resulted in a notable improvement in fuel economy post-treatment

- Perry Reeves, Dealer Principal, Rossetts Commercials

Perry Reeves, Dealer Principal, Rossetts Commercials

  • The DFS was used to carry out three demonstrations  at Gatwick Airport Ltd. These demonstrations were carried out on vehicles which had carbon build up and injection problems, photographs of the induction components and EGR valve were taken before the test and compared after the demonstration. Carbon deposits were greatly reduced especially from the EGR valve and induction pipework.

    Carbon build up is a problem frequently experienced on our airport vehicles, so the machine will be used as part of the planned maintenance regime. I expect regular use of the machine to reduce reactive work and save on labour as there will be much less need to strip down engines for cleaning in future, this in turn should reduce costs and downtime.
  • Steven Melhuish, Transport Engineering Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd
  • Steven Melhuish, Transport Engineering Manager, Gatwick Airport Ltd

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